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Njoy’s medical grade stainless steel Pure Plugs come in a size that’s right for you.
Equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear all day for some naughty secret stimulation, njoy’s Pure Plugs truly shine where the sun don’t!
The Pure Plugs combine a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort.
The weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness and presence to remind you just how sensitive you really are ‘back there’…
The design also makes the plug comfortable to wear long term.
Looking for something larger? Then you might be interested in the njoy Pure plug 2.0

Made from medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine.
Stainless steel is cold to touch but will warm quickly to body temperature.
You can put it in the fridge (not the freezer) or run warm water over it to change the temperature.
It is non-porous, and can be cleaned or sterilized any way you choose.
The only way to damage this item is to use something abrasive to clean it with SO don’t.

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Small Plug
Insertable Length: 2.25 inches (5.7 cm)
Diameter: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Weight: 5 oz / 140 g
Medium Plug
Insertable Length: 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)
Diameter: 1.25  inches  (3.17 cm)
Weight: 7 oz / 200 g
Large Plug
Insertable Length: 2.75 inches (7 cm)
Diameter: 1.5  inches  (3.8 cm)
Weight: 11 oz / 310 g

Includes a storage box as shown.


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Pure Plug Sizes

Pure Plug Large, Pure Plug Medium, Pure Plug Small

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  1. Lolita

    I have the medium size because I am not a size queen. It is perfect. The shiny stainless steel is so smooth and heavy. I love feeling the weight of it in my butt. Because it it steel I can use silicone lube with this. Makes it very slippery and the lube lasts and lasts so I can wear this for an extended time. This shape totally works with my body – it stays inside! This is my favorite butt plug.

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