Collectible Books

I have been collecting and selling Fetish/BDSM books and magazines for over 30 years.
Over the years many publishers went bankrupt and or closed and I was able to purchase their inventory  (Masquerade Books was  one of the bigger one’s that I purchased from Richard Kasak).. Which is why I have so many “New” out of print books and magazines. The only time they are touched was when I moved them because of the flooding/hurricane a few years ago. But nothing got damaged, just some covers got scratched.

I have all the books in a PDF file. About 13 pages (425 books)
One of my upcoming projects is to inventory all my magazines.
I have over a 1000 new out of print fetish/BDSM mags,

If you are looking for a specific book or magazine please email me and I will get back to you.

My amazon seller name is purplepassion-nyc

My email is

Thanks again – Hilton