Pure Wand

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The njoy Pure Wand provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot – G or P – or wherever feels so good.
The Pure Wand is crafted with perfect curvature and ample reach.
You can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with firm, controlled massage.

Made from medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine.
Stainless steel is cold to touch but will warm quickly to body temperature.
You can put it in the fridge (not the freezer) or run warm water over it to change the temperature.
It is non-porous, and can be cleaned or sterilized any way you choose.
The only way to damage this item is to use something abrasive to clean it with SO don’t.

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Total Length 8 inches (20 cm)
One side has a Diameter of 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Second side has a diameter of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
Weighs 1.5 lbs / 680 g

Includes a storage box as shown.
You can use any lube.

3 reviews for Pure Wand

  1. A

    I am quite certain that I recommend this toy to 100% of the people I have ever discussed sex toys with. And that’s a lot of people. This wand is weighted so perfectly to hit the G-spot and or the P-spot without much effort. It is surgical steel therefore you can use ANY lube you want with it! Additionally it is easy to clean; if you are so lucky to have a dishwasher you can even toss it in there. The wand has two different sides with two different sized balls, start small and graduate throughout the scene! Truly a wonderful toy that should be in everyone’s toy collection.

  2. chad

    OMG!!! So deliciously heavy and warms to body so well! Great G spot and P spot stimulation and made of stainless steel so its so easy to clean. My Girlfriend swears by this toy! 10/10

  3. Lolita

    This goes with me to every sex party. And I pack it for me to get fucked with! This works my G spot like no other toy. I love the weight of it and how I can use silicone lube which just lasts and lasts and is so slippery. I always make sure to put down a chuck before we start…

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