Neoprene Cuffs With Nylon Velcro Closure


Make your next bondage session more secure and comfortable with these durable  Cuffs! The inside of the cuffs are lined with neoprene, making it easier and more comfortable for extended use, and have a nylon velcro strap. One cuff has a spring loaded metal clip while the other cuff has a D-Ring. You can use the clip to connect one cuff to the other or you can use the D-Ring and clip separately and attach each to a different object! Explore the many and endless possibilities of bondage with these cuffs!
Can be used for wrists or ankles.
Sold as a pair.

Each cuff is approximately 16 inches in total length and 2 inches wide.

Material: Neoprene, nylon, Velcro, metal

Color: Black

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