Chastity 10 Pack Plastic Locks

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One Time Use Plastic Locks for use with the CB Chastity devices.
Each plastic lock comes with its own individually number locks to ensure the chastity wearer does not cheat by clipping off the lock and replacing a new one.

Please note: the plastic locks are compatible with all Chasity Cage numbers: CB-3000, CB-6000, or The Curve.

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Double Ended Snaps

Five Pack Double Ended Clips $2.35 each, One Double Ended Clip $2.50 each, Ten pack Double Ended Clips $2.25 each

1 review for Chastity 10 Pack Plastic Locks

  1. Lolita

    This is the best invention. When you use the plastic locks, you can go through a metal detector with your non-metal CB. This is great for pilots and courthouse lawyers. The locks are also great for long distance chastity. I will give the locks to my submissive and I keep track of the numbers. When I tell him to lock up, he can prove it with a photo or facetime. I can check that the same lock is still on days later. Also, if there is an emergency, he can cut the lock off. But if that happens, there better be a good explanation or else there will be consequences!

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