Leather Butt plug Harness

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If you like wearing a Butt plug…you might want to securely hold that Butt Plug in place with our unique Locking Butt Plug Harness.
It is our own custom design harness that’s fits both male and female.
The front straps go around the genitals which leaves the genitals open for play and other fun stuff.
This design also eliminates those nasty front rings that tend to be uncomfortable.
The straps are soft garment leather not belt leather.
The waist strap is 1″ (2.54cm) wide
The Holder straps are 3/4″ (1.9 cm) wide
Available in 4 sizes.

Small fits  a  26″ to 31″ waist (66 cm to 78.7 cm)
Medium fits a 32″ to 36″ waist (81.3 cm to 91.4 cm)
Large fits a 38″ to 44″ waist (96.5 cm to 111.7 cm)
Xlarge fits a 42″ to 49″waist (106.6 cm to 124.5 cm)

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4 reviews for Leather Butt plug Harness

  1. Terry

    This harness is fantastic. No rings to deal with. Fully adjustable and a huge bonus, I was not aware of, it is also locking. The leather is soft and so far after 3 hours it does not chaff in any of the wrong places

  2. Madame J’s Boo

    I am required to wear a butt plug frequently by my Mistress/Owner (as in, at least 8-10 hours every single day). We had searched long and far to find a secure and comfortable means for keeping my butt plug in place and are so glad to have found this harness from Purple Passion. For my tl;dr summary: I’d *highly* recommend this harness to any butt plug aficionados out there!! And now for some specifics…
    This harness is wonderful for longer-term wear. The leather is quite soft and offers fully adjustable straps to get the right fit. I LOVE the open-front design! It’s a major improvement over many other previous designs that offer a front crotch strap with an O-ring which only inevitably becomes uncomfortable and causes chafing after a while. Another major selling point is that a male wearer can also be locked up into a chastity device simultaneously.
    When properly fitted and worn over a tight pair of briefs I typically never experience much slippage. To mitigate chances for slippage, I also recommend investing in a “Butt Plug Adapter” (Google it) that holds onto the plug’s base and allows for the rear strap to be run through. A total of (4) lockable buckles are conveniently included, which allows for a keyholder to keep the wearer plugged up until further notice. This harness can also be worn under normal clothing quite inconspicuously. I wear this underneath business casual clothes while at work every day and haven’t noticed any awkward glances.
    We previously bought another vendor’s harness, and considering that it was bulky and not very discrete, had an O-ring, and yet still more expensive than Purple Passion’s offering, we decided to throw out the old one and make the switch. In fact, we even bought a second one a year later just to have a back up available to cut down on the wear-and-tear of daily usage.
    For the initial fitting, I’d recommend adjusting the straps until you find a snug, yet comfortable, setting that allows for a loose finger to fit between the leather and the body. Next, break it in a bit by wearing it during a hot shower or bath, allowing the leather to conform to the wearer’s body as it dries. From that point onward, obviously avoid getting the leather wet and be sure to treat it well by using a leather cleaner every so often. The metal buttons/snaps can be cleaned off as needed with a steel wool pad should rust/discoloration begin to appear.

    So, in sum: kudos to Purple Passion on this product. I stand by my rating of five very well-deserved stars! 🙂

  3. macrotech

    I luv this harness. I’m a guy and I have been looking for something to hold a glass dildo in place during masturbation. (1 1/2 in diameter by 7in long) On the recommendation of madame j’s boo above I purchased a neoprene butt plug adaptor separately. Once I got everything adjusted,(be patient) I could not believe how awesome the dildo felt held securely in place the whole time at just the right angle and depth. The feeling of girth is what does it for me not standard thrusting motion. I can lay on a bed, couch, or slouch in a recliner or even kneel or lay on the floor and that harness will hold that dildo right where it needs to be which is especially important for me because I really like to spread my legs with my knees toward my chest kind of frog legged outward. Without this harness the dildo kept falling out or I’d have to find something to prop against it and even then it would still move out of position and could still slip out. You have to be careful moving from one place to another walking around because it appears the harness is primarily designed for a butt plug. My glass dildo doesn’t have a very big flange on the base of it so there’s not much for the butt plug adaptor to hold on to, plus since it’s glass it’s quite heavy. I had no idea that having that dildo held in place at the right angle and depth would affect my orgasm but OMGAWD! My orgasms while wearing this harness are a religious experience and completely mind blowing! Fantastic product Purple Passion. You definitely have a returning customer.

  4. Lolita

    So, my guy was in chastity and says, “The only was I can get off is to be fucked.” So I lock him into this butt plug harness and add a plug. It fits perfectly around his chastity device. No more getting fucked. I’m that bitch.

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