Anal Bleach Gel

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Bleaching Gel is for use by individuals who want to lighten their intimate areas.
Anal Bleach can safely be used in intimate area skin.
Unisex lightening for men and women: anal, vaginal, penis, scrotum, nipples and dark underarms.
Hydroquinone Free.

Sold in .1 Fl oz (3 ml) packets

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1 review for Anal Bleach Gel

  1. Jordan

    this product works soooooo great!! my butthole (eww lol!!!) was like a brownyish colour but like sorta reddyish to. anyway I applied this bleach to my anus and WOW!!! my anus is so fresh and clean looking now! I can’t stop looking at it now!!! every chance i get i’ll sneakily run to the bathroom and quickly take off my clothes and then stand with my back facing the mirror and bend over so that my head is between my legs and reach up and grasp onto my bum cheeks and spread them open so i can look at the cute little pink wink 😉 And OMG its soooo cute!!

    application is super easy and no problem!!! you just rub the gel into your anus and let it work its magic. and the smell is suuuuuper amazing!!! i can’t stop sniffing my fingers after application i wish i was flexible enough to sniff my bleached anus thats how amazing it smells (LOL KIDDING!!!)

    shipping is super fast and i cant wait to buy morethank you!!!

    Jordan, WA, Perth


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