Single Hegar Uretheral Sound


Hegar Sounds are now available individually, for those who would like to try just one instead of purchasing a whole set. The Hegar Sound is a urethral dilator with each end a slightly different diameter. The purpose of the sound is to gradually and gently enlarge the urethra using a smooth metal shaft that is inserted into the penis. Urethral play can be an adventurous new facet of your medical fetish or BDSM scene.

Note: we recommend Surgilube for lubrication.

Available in 4 Sizes:
5mm (.197 inch) to 6mm (.236 inch) Length 8 inches, out of stock
7mm (.276 inch) to 8mm (.315 inch) Length 8.15 inches
9mm (.354 inch) to 10mm (.394 inch) Length 8.15 inches
11mm (.433 inch) to 12mm (.472 inch) Length 8.5 inches



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Additional information

Sounds Sizes

11mm to 12 mm, 5mm to 6mm, 7mm to 8mm, 9mm to 10mm


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