Sheets Of San Francisco Throw


One Fluidproof, rubber feel sheet. High quality, tough and tactile and fluid proof, they are designed to protect your bed from all your fun. Breathable and machine washable. With a seam-free top surface, it is two-ply and engineered.
Features a polyurethane fabric.
Put it in the wash and go again.
Measures 84 in. by 100 in.

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Cleaning Instructions:
Good looking and tough, fun to use and then easy to clean. Just what you need. Made from a 2-ply engineered fabric, a mixture of Polyurethane and Polyester, our fabric is fully machine washable. Wash on a warm 40 degree wash using a normal washing powder. Tumble dry on a low setting or better still, line dry. Do not iron. Do not use Bleach and do not Dry Clean. Now you’re ready to go again!


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