PSG 202 Box With Adapter


Pulse Signal Generator 202 Control Box

The PSG-202 Pulse Signal Generator box is designed for those who are interested in sensual play. The output of this box is intended for sensual stimulation in the lower power ranges.

  • This box has two Electrical Output jacks, each with separate Intensity Adjustment knobs.
  • Quick Disable buttons can instantly turn off either channel’s electrical output.
  • A Pulse Rate knob allows you to adjust the cycle rate of the pulse. Adjustment is provided from a slow long duration pulse to a faster short duration pulse.
  • A Frequency knob allows you to adjust the frequency of the AC signal from approximately 15 to 200 Hz. This provides for an adjustment for both personal preferences as well as variations to optimize the output to specific applications.
  • This box runs on a single standard 9-Volt battery.
  • A jack for an optional external AC Adapter is provided to supplement and/or replace battery power.
    • Included 
    • PSG 202 power box
    • two pairs of output leads
    • 9-volt battery,
    • AC Power Adapter

    The PSG-202 operates using either a standard 9 volt battery or an A.C. Power Adapter when used within North America.
    Folsom Electric Company offers a lifetime warranty on all their power boxes and accessories.


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