Nylon 3 foot Single Tail

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These 3 foot Single Tails,  Mercy Whips, are made by Narcissa. Narcissa has been personally and professionally involved in the BDSM community for over 10 years. Naturally, during this time she developed a love for single tail whips. After learning and training from nationally and internationally recognized whip masters, she sought out to design the perfect whip for use at parties.
These Nylon whips are made without any glue or adhesive tapes, and  can be sanitized by hand washing and hanging dry. The fall and crackers can be easily removed and reattached for sanitation.

These  whips are designed with a shot-loaded core of stainless steel and lead.
An intense toy at a great price.
3 foot long
NylonShot loaded core
8 Plait Belly
12 Plait Overlay
Line Dry

6 Colors:
All Black, Black with Pink, Black with Blue
Black with Purple, Black with Red, Black with Neon Yellow

Made in NYC

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Single Tail Colors

All Black, Black with Blue, Black with Neon Yellow, Black with Pink, Black with Purple, Black with Red, Rainbow

2 reviews for Nylon 3 foot Single Tail

  1. C.A.

    I was very new to single tail whips when Mercy Whips started becoming available at Purple Passion. I can honestly say as someone who was a beginner, these whips are fantastic! Versatile, easy to handle, and very easy to maintain. They are very sturdy and can enhance any scene in a plethora of ways. Wonderful for both beginners and more the seasoned single tail enthusiasts. Lastly, the different patterns available provide the opportunity to choose a whip that fits your style and taste… I highly recommend Mercy Whips, you get what you pay for and I mean that in a good way. They won’t break the bank and you will not be disappointed with the performance of these fine instruments.

  2. Lolita

    These whips are weighted nicely and they throw with great accuracy. Tightly woven and the colors are pretty. A great product for the price.

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