Naughty Geisha Collection Kit

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This collection of miniatures products will help you explore and break all taboos.
Nothing surpasses the desire to discover the lust of flesh by yourself or with your lover.
Toko Aqua is the next generation of personal lubricant, exclusively formulated to emulate natural lubrication and facilitate penetration. This ultra silky, long lasting water based lubricant enhances bodily sensations. Secret Garden Clitoral Gel intensifies orgasms. Increases the frequency of orgasms. Enhances lubrication. The Secret Garden clitoral gel is a must have for women of all ages! Use it for your own pleasure or to reach new heights with your lover and discover new sensations. Dragon Intensifying Cream intense fire and ice sensation.

Made from all natural extracts and herbs.



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Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant .33 fluid ounce,
Secret Garden Clitoral Enhancing Gel .23 fluid ounce,
Dragon Intensifying Cream For Lovers .23 fluid ounce,
Rain Of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream .23 fluid ounce.
1 Black 10 Speed Vibrating Bullet.
Requires 1 AAA battery, not included.


1 review for Naughty Geisha Collection Kit

  1. Lolita

    This is so nicely packaged. I gave this to someone as a gift and they were so happy with it.

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