Monroe Thrusting Portable Sex Machine


Monroe will take your stimulation to the next level as a thrusting vaginal and anal toy.
Take advantage of the suction cup base and wireless remote for an effortless night of pleasure.Enjoy hands-free fun in multiple positions with the removable suction cup

It thrusts, vibrates and sticks to walls. And it’s a remote control. In short, this massager does all the work, while you have all the fun!

With an extra-long stroke and shaft, the Maia Monroe Thrusting Massager goes deep to give you an O! The super-charged thrusting motor pumps the tip 1.5 inches deep with every stroke dozens of times every minute… making it one of our most powerful thrusting vibrators! Combine those vigorous thrusts with a shaft that extends out to 9 inches (making it one of the longest vibes).

There are 10 different stimulation modes to try. The modes feature a wide range of vibration and thrusting speeds as well as different patterns to create a wide range of unique sensations. Whether you like it slow and deep, fast and hard, or a mix of both, the Maia Monroe is sure to please!

You can control the thrusting vibrator from the buttons in the base or the included remote. Press the power button to turn the vibe on. And then use the vibration buttons to switch between the different modes. When you’re done, just press the power button again to turn the vibrator off. With its 30-foot range, the remote is ideal for hands-free play by yourself or with a partner if you want to spice things up.

One of the coolest features of the Maia Monroe Thrusting Massager is the removable suction cup base. The base screws into the base of the vibrator, so you can attach it to almost any smooth surface, including most shower walls, bathtubs, tabletops and more. You can use the vibrator in some of your favorite positions, whether you’re taking it from behind, riding it or cuddling together.

Since you don’t have to hold the vibrator in place, your hands are free for… other pursuits! The base is even adjustable so you can change the angle of the vibrator for a better fit and increased pleasure.

The Maia Monroe  Massager is waterproof for fun in the shower and easy cleaning. While the vibe is waterproof, the remote isn’t. You can still control the vibe with the buttons in the base though.

The thrusting vibrator measures 1.2 inches wide by 15 inches long from top to bottom. You can insert up to 9 inches with the shaft is fully extended. The upper half of the shaft is made from hypoallergenic silicone, while the lower half is made from flexible TPE to accommodate the thrusting motion. The base is made from PC plastic. The vibrator is rechargeable and can run up to 3 hours with a full charge. It comes with a USB charger and takes about 1 hour to fully recharge.

Always use water-based lubes with the Maia Monroe Thrusting Massager.
Spray it with sex toy cleaner before and after each use.


  •  Enjoy the raw power of a thrusting machine in the palm of your hands
  • One of the strongest thrusting vibrators – it can go for hours before tiring out
  • Great for deep pleasure with super-charged thrusting & extra-long shaft
  • Features 10 stimulation modes – combining thrusting power with vibrating thrills
  • Control it from the base or with a convenient remote that works up to 30 feet away
  • Includes removable & adjustable suction cup base for hands-free fun
  • Insertable shaft measures 1.2 inches wide by 9 inches (fully extended)
  • Made with a silicone tip, TPE thrusting sleeve and PC plastic base
  • The rechargeable vibe can run up to 3 hours, USB charger included
  • 1 year factory warranty


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