Leather Lined Ankle Cuffs


Our  leather lined ankle cuffs are made from a premium garment leather.
They are lined, stitched and reinforced for strength.
A heavy-gauge D-ring provides an attachment point.
A locking buckle is included.
On the inside of the cuff is a 2.5 inch  (6.3 cm) strip of velcro which stops the cuff from slipping.
You can also add locks to the locking buckle for extra security, but its not required.

The cuffs measure 1.625 inches ( 4.1 cm) wide
The D-ring has an inside diameter of 1.75 inches (4.5 cm)
These cuffs will fit an ankle measuring 9.5 – 14 inches  ( 24 cm to 35.5 cm) around.

Sold in pairs.


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