Hydromax7 Penis Pump by Bathmate


From the makers of the legendary Bathmate comes Hydromax7 for those measuring between 5 and 7 inches, the Hydromax7 delivers better, safer performance than traditional penis pump options, helping users improve their sexual power and stamina.  With 35 percent more power than the original for optimum erection size, hardness, and staying power thanks to its unique, newly designed Bellows Pump system. The Bellows system now incorporates a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region. As an added bonus, it is also removable for ease of cleaning. The ultimate hydrotherapy workout, the Hydromax is designed to be used in the shower and bathtub, utilizing the amazing power of water. The Hydromax allows you to gain impressive erections easily and safely while at the same time making them bother harder and longer lasting. The Hydromax workout will keep your penis in optimum health.

Measurements: 11.4 inches tall (uncompressed), 8.7 inches tall (when compressed),
approximately 2 inches in diameter
Will fit an erect penis thats between 5 – 7 inches
and will fit a penis with a  maximum girth of 6.5 inches

Bathmate has multiple benefits including:

  • Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis).
  • Increasing penis size and psychological health.
  • Improving cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health.
  • Being the safest, and one of the most effective products on the market.
  • Approximately 9 inches (22.8cm) in inside length
    and opening diameter of 2.25 inches (5.7cm)
  • 2 year factory warranty

Available in 2 colors as per photos:
Crystal Clear, and Aqua Blue

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Aqua Blue, Crystal Clear


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