Fur Lined Nubuck Leather Suspension Cuffs with Hand Grip


These heavy duty suspension cuffs have a built in handle, for maximum security and long term wear. The Nubuck leather has a soft appearance, with man made fur lining the cuffs adding extra comfort. The handle is crafted from wood wrapped in an easy grip foam, attached to the outer weight bearing chain. The cuffs can support up to 200 pounds of weight. Fully adjustable with metal reinforced grommets. Just attach these versatile cuffs to your own suspension bar, chain, or rope system, and leave the rest to your imagination. The bar makes it very comfortable for the sub.

Adjustable from 7 to 12 inches in circumference, 2.5 inches wide

Material: Nubuck leather, faux fur, metal, wood, foam
Color: Black
Note: Two cuffs included.

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