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ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Kegel Balls


A beautiful mix of pleasure and practicality.
Lula is a sensual G-spot sex toy for women that can also help you to improve your pelvic floor tone.
Featuring a free-roaming weight in the top ball (also known as a jiggle ball) and bi-polar electro-conductive contacts in the bottom ball.
Lula combines the pleasurable sensations of Ben Wa balls with the throbbing, clenching and pulsating of internal electrostimulation.

Connect Lula to your ElectraStim stimulator and enjoy a hands-free massage that lavishes
your G-spot with a rhythmic massage that flows in time with stimulation and your bodily contractions.
You can even use Lula to perfect your pelvic floor workout, consciously clenching and relaxing in time with the stimulation beat.

Use a water-based lube.


Electrode type: Bi-polar for internal stimulation – takes 2x 2mm pin connectors.
1x Lula Kegel Exerciser is included in each pack.
You will need to connect to an ElectraStim stimulator.

Insertable length 3.75 inches (9.5 cm)
Circumference at the widest: 4.45 inches (11.3 cm)

Materials: Made from 100% platinum cured, medical-grade silicone.

Note: All Electrastim products need to be attached to either a Tens unit (Mystim) or a power box such as Folsom or Erostek. If you are going to connect to Folsom or Erostek you will need a banana to pin adapter.


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