B-LOK Electro Ball Lok


Imagine your testicles held down away from the body and securely
captured between the two crystal clear flat base plates, slowly pressing them.
The Electro Ball Lock provides excellent visual effects.
You can see exactly how crushed and flattened those tender orbs are.

Perfect for guys with high hanging balls that like to escape and hide during play and for those who hang low.
The Electro Ball Lock will securely capture and hold all testicle sizes and keep them in place>
Great for either beginner or advanced players.
The plate can be electrified for additional sensations during the crushing experience.

The base plate has a large hole at the top for the cock and balls to pass through with two conductive strips below for the balls only.
The top plate slides over 4 brass bolts to come down and capture the balls while there is a relief at the top to allow the cock to move freely.
The top plate has two conductive strips while wing nuts on the bolts allows adjustment of pressure.

The hole has a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) wide

The Ball-Lok comes with two sets of leads and, of course, Folsom’s limited life time warranty.

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