Adjustable Nipple Clamp with Weighted Pendant


Enjoy the ultimate exquisite and orgasmic pleasure or pain sensations with the Nipple Play Weighted Nipple Clamps. The fully adjustable nipple clamps are designed for intimate arousal and stimulation and extended erotic play. The multi-use clamps are ideal for experimental first time users, and for experienced explorers who enjoy more intense nipple play. The teasing and tantalizing clamps are made from non-tarnishing, nickel free iron and measure 1.75 inches.
The fully adjustable mini clamps have soft, comfortable phthalate free PVC pads and easy twist screws for adjusting the tension. The clamps are attached together via a sturdy high-quality iron chain that is adorned with a decorative weighted pendant, weighing 4.5 ounces. The added weight increases sensual stimulation and intensifies nipple sensitivity.

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