Vivishine Latex Care

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Wash the latex after wearing thoroughly. After washing, a few liters of clean water involved in the pan and add a little VIVISHINE. The latex is now short and bathe in it to make a difference so that all points are uniformly wetted.

The water from the latex shake and hang to dry and air out for a few hours. Especially in hard water is recommended to dab the drops of water with a towel. Finish is a perfect shine.


VIVISHINE is particularly economical in use. The latex surface is wetted thin and very evenly instead of becoming a greasy surface like that can happen in many other cases.

For a catsuit for example it is sufficient to give about one tablespoon VIVISHINE in the bathtub or the sink with clean lukewarm water. The amount of water is more important: a few liters, so that the latex can be well immersed in it, enough.

It is immediately after pulling the latex, as the water drips off and a glossy surface appears. The latex then feels very smooth and supple to stick together without.

If, after shaking off the water droplets still oily droplets can be seen, the dosage was too high. While this is not bad, but will attracts more lint.

It’s long lasting visible deep gloss
Intensive care for all latex and rubber products
Perfected the latex feeling on the skin
Solvent-free and odorless
No sticking of the material during storage
Delivery in a beautiful handy 5oz / 150ml bottle

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1 review for Vivishine Latex Care

  1. Nathalie

    PERFECTION! I washed ALL my latex with it and let it dry overnight… The next morning I was a little surprised HOW flawless and perfectly polished it is! Vivishine made my life so much easier!!

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