211 West 20th Street, NYC Phone 212.807.0486

Midori’s Bio

Founder of ForteFemme: Women’s Intensive, Midori leads workshops, lectures, and weekend intensives as well as educational and arts programs to enhance creative living, fulfillment, and collaborative leadership from the bedroom to the boardroom. Through her programs, thousands of attendees of all genders and orientations have tapped into greater joy, confidence, consent, & personal accountability in their lives.

Her decades of Sex Positive instruction started in the 90’s through HIV education and Smarter Sex outreach. Since then she’s authored many books and articles, including “The Wild Side of Sex” and “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” the first English language instruction book on Shibari.
Midori is also a passionate multidisciplinary artist She has presented at TEDx SoMa, curated a large event at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and continues to exhibit her art internationally. She is currently available for private coaching as well as leading personalized, private tours of her home country, Japan.
To learn more about her, visit: http://www.FHP-Inc.com

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