Madam Director’s Bio

Madam Director a cosmopolitan hipster, and whether you like it or not, still in her reproductive years. She continues to churn out her highly creative style of porn into the dark, consumptive void of the Internet. Madam lives in Brooklyn, where she tells whet stories, eats and drinks like any other, and likes to train people. Madam wants to change what, and even the way, you think. She wants to implant her own corruptive ideas but have you perceive them as your own. Yes, this is a warning. If you come into contact Her, be prepared to be altered forever. Madam loves you, not unlike a mother. But she is not your mother. But she will let you call her mother. Madam cannot keep things alive. Madam works late. Madam is partial to foot rubs because her not-ungendered shoes have caused an irregular alignment with her teeny-tiny-toe bones. Madam is unromantic. She is not your girl, nor your woman. Basically, she’s not yours. Madam is cold. Like January. Madam is clear. Madam will only lie to you for your own good. If you want to meet with Madam IRL, then totally hit her up.  Check out her website,