PSG-MAX Power Box


Pulse Signal Generator MAX Control Box

The PSG-MAX Pulse Signal Generator is a completely different animal from the PSG-200 series of boxes. The operating characteristics have been optimized to produce higher electrical output levels and much shorter pulse durations than the 200 series. The output/operation of the PSG-MAX is more closely related to TENS Generators than the PSG-202 is.

  • This PSG-MAX box has two Electrical Output Jacks, with separate Intensity Adjustment knobs for each output. These output channels are completely independent and are electrically isolated from each other.
  • The two output channels always alternate their output. When one channel is firing, the other channel is idle. This feature has an interesting pleasurable effect as well as to allow safer applications of higher levels of electricity.
  • Quick Disable buttons can instantly turn off either channel’s electrical output.
  • Green Channel Indicator LEDs (light emitting diodes) on the PSG-MAX let the user easily know that the indicated channel is either turned ON or OFF, and they indicate when current is being produced on each channel.
  • Red Power Level Indicator LEDs tell the user the amount of power being produced by each channel.
  • A Frequency knob allows you to adjust the frequency of the AC signal from a long duration to a very short duration.
  • A Pulse switch, when turned on, produces a train of “grouped” pulses.
  • A Pulse Rate knob varies the group pulse length. When used with careful adjustment of the Frequency control, a quasi-random pulsing output can be achieved.
  • This box runs on a single standard 9-Volt battery.
    • The box includes:
      two pairs of output leads
      and a 9-volt battery

    Please note: AC adapters cannot be used with the PSG-MAX unit.

    Folsom Electric Company offers a lifetime warranty on all their power boxes and accessories.

    Note: All Electrastim products need to be attached to either a Tens unit (Mystim) or a power box such as Folsom or Erostek. If you are going to connect to Folsom or Erostek you will need a banana to pin adapter.

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